Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 5


Kazuma: Falling into the Hell, my head falls off and to top it all off marriage…!? Don’t mess with me! To safely return back to our world I have to absolutely stop this marriage talk……!

Papa Ghost: “I will never approve!!”

Band Girl Ghost: “You can’t! How come, papa?”

Papa Ghost: “You just met him and all of a sudden you’re talking about getting married!”

Kazuma: “…………”

Yoshimune: “What’s this? The parents are opposed to the marriage.”

Asahi: “I had no idea what was going to happen when we were forced to come here but…. It seems like it will be okay!”

Kazuma: “Yeah……… The parents being normal has saved me.”

Mama Ghost: “By the way, what kind of job do you have?”

Kazuma: “Huh? Uhh, I play guitar in a band called Fairy April…….”

Mama Ghost: “You play in a band? Oh dear, that’s kind of……. unfortunate.”

Asahi: “–!”

Papa Ghost: “It’s not that playing in a band is necessarily bad thing but his income might be unstable.”

Yoshimune: “It’s already becoming an argument over money. It seems that Hell isn’t so different from our world……”

Papa Ghost: “Generally, a band whose appearance is their selling point aren’t able to perform well. That’s probably can’t survive in the music industry.”

Misato: “Hmph, you’ve never even listened to one of our songs.”

Kazuma: “Don’t let it get to you. I’m angry but this time I’m just going to let it slide.”

Misato: “I get what you’re saying but……”


Papa Ghost: “Well, it looks like the band was just playing around after all. Marry a ghost who has a steady income rather than a man living in that kind of fantasy.”

Mama Ghost: “That’s how it is and there will be will be no more talk of this…….”

Band Girl Ghost: “Don’t say that!”

Kazuma: “Alright then, let’s go–!”

Asahi: “Wait a minute!”

Kazuma: “Wh…. Asahi?”

Asahi: “Sure enough, playing in a band is an unstable occupation like her father says but……! We want the fans who listen to Fairy April’s songs to be happy and we play our music seriously!”

Papa Ghost: “……!”

Asahi: “And, there is an important existence that holds Fairy April together…… That is Kazuma-kun. To say that Kazuma-kun is not suitable to be a marriage partner, that’s impossible!”

Papa Ghost: “Oh…….?”


Kazuma: “Asahi!! Why are you trying to push this marriage!? Even though it seemed like the conversation was ending…….!”

Asahi: “Because I’m frustrated! Kazuma-kun, they are making Fairy April look stupid!”

Kazuma: “Asahi…… Nope, right now it’s better if we just look stupid!”

Misato: “It’s just as Asahi is saying……!”

Kazuma: “Misato!?”

Misato: “Kazuma is the best marriage partner. That is something we guarantee!”

Kazuma: “You’re guaranteeing it! You guys need to calm down!”

Yoshimune: “Please give Kazumacchi a chance! Kazumacchi will do anything, even get down on his hands and knees and beg!”

Kazuma: “I know that you are just trying to be funny, Yoshimune!!


???: “Good grief, what do you call all this noise. A band, since it seems that they are only noise generators machines after all.”

Kazuma: “! Who are you……?”

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