[Translation] Boyfriend (Kari) Kirameki Note: Sparkling Showtime♪ Opening Party Event Chapter 1

Heroine: “Toma, are you finished with club activities for today?”


Kisaragi Toma: “Hey! Are you also heading home now? …. Or perhaps I should say you’re returning home later than usual today. You weren’t on day duty or anything, were you?”

Heroine: “No. I went to the library for a little bit. I was collecting reference materials for the “StellaFest” and it ended up getting late.”

Kisaragi Toma: “……The “StellaFest”? That’s right, it was decided that there would be something like a ‘performance battle’ between Fujishiro and Seiran Academy.”

Heroine: “Also, it’s surprising to hear that the people from Seiran Academy’s performing arts department will also be participating in the battle….”

???: “Oh, it’s you two.”

Saionji Ren: “It seems like the both of are having fun chatting together.”

Heroine: “Saionji-senpai, Kurogi-senpai! Are you heading home now?”

Saionji Ren: “No, after this we are bound for Seiran Academy. I have something important to discuss with Kannagi-kun.”

Kurogi Tokimune: “—Ren-sama, the vehicle has arrived over there.”

Saionji Ren: “…. Well, you will have to excuse us. Kannagi-kun mustn’t be keep waiting. So, let us hurry Kurogi.”

Heroine: “Ah…… They left. I wonder if they are going to Seiran Academy to talk about the performance battle.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Well, it seems like it’s probably that.   Somehow, the Student President was in high spirits. Ah, never mind. Let’s hurry up and head home.”


Kannagi Mitsuru: “Wow, you properly came to visit. Ren and….. Kurogi-kun, was it?”

Inui Kotaro: “………”

Kurogi Tokimune: “………”

Saionji Ren: “Kannagi-kun, Inui-kun, thank you for meeting us.”

Kannagi Mitsuru:“You came out of your way to get here so, what kind of business did you come to discuss? You certainly didn’t come over for a cup of tea now, did you?”

Saionji Ren: “That is correct. I came here because I earnestly have a request for you. The other day, at the opening ceremony we accepted a request from you. And so, this time I’d like for you to accept this request.”

Kannagi Mitsuru: “……..Ah, it’s no problem at all. All you have to do is ask. Because I want this to be a fair match between us.”

Saionji Ren: “Fufu, thank you very much. Well, let’s get started on this right away—”


Kisaragi Toma: “Even though it’s my precious lunch time, I had to get called in by the Student Council President……..”

Moribe Kuniharu: “I’m sorry. It’s because the President said that I had to get you two by any means possible……  Actually, I was supposed to get Kitashiro-kun as well but every time I caught sight of him he disappeared ……”

Kisaragi Toma: “That guy……”

Moribe Kuniharu : “Alright, just head inside. President, the two that you asked for are here.”

Saionji Ren: “Fufu, we’ve been waiting for you.”

Sagisaka Shu: “Ah…… It’s you.”

Heroine: “Huh……. It’s everyone from the “Fujishiro’s Four Heavenly Kings” and….. Sagisaka-kun!?”

Kisaragi Toma: “Wow…. This situation is giving me some serious déjà vu…. We’re not talking about being in another performance are we —-“

Saionji Ren: “Yes, that is exactly what we called you here to talk about.”

Kisaragi Toma: “Huh! Seriously!?”

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