Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 4


Kazuma: “It’s probably what Master was saying. He said that we would never be able to connect with the audience in the demon world. It seems like it’s that……  Because if we try to connect with someone from Hell, they will be exorcised and disappear!”

Asahi: “That, that can’t be right……! Well then, what should we do……?”

Band Girl Ghost: Stare……

Misato: “Hey, hey! That ghost over there has been staring in our direction this whole time.”

Band Girl Ghost: Stare……

Misato: “Don’t tell me…. Is she cursing us?”

Asahi: “We didn’t mean to do it but of course she would have a grudge against us. We……”


Band Girl Ghost: “I’ve been following a lot of bands but that’s the first time I’ve seen that kind of thing……! You exorcised all those fans like it was nothing! I love you!!

Kazuma: “Urghh!? Get, get away from me! My head is going to fall off!”

Band Girl Ghost: “You are the one who exorcised everyone after all, right!?  You have the face of someone who could do anything.”

Kazuma: “What kind of face!?”

Misato: “Wha… What?  She’s not cursing us………?”

Asahi: “Going by what they are saying she is our number one fan in Hell…. and I’m wondering if that’s a good thing?”

Misato: “I think it’s good but…. All your friends are being exorcised and you’re happy……?”

Yoshimune: “As expected of Hell. The crazy fans here are on a whole other level.”

Band Girl Ghost: “Only those in Hell can understand that level of musical talent! Hey, let’s get married!


Fairy April: “MARRIED!?”

Kazuma: “What did you just say!? Why the hell would we get married…….?”

Asahi: “That’s right, this is happening way too fast! You have to get to know each other first!”

Kazuma: “That’s not the problem here!”

Misato: “In the first place, how old are you? Since Kazuma-kun is 18 years old so he can get married but I think that is still too young after all.”

Kazuma: “That’s not the problem either.”

Yoshimune: “Kazumacchi, you can leave the wedding speech to me!”

Kazuma: “……………………”

Yoshimune: “Ohh, your just going to ignore that. Yeah, that makes me feel really lonely.”

Kazuma: “Anyway, I can’t get married to you. I’m asking you to support our band normally.”

Band Girl Ghost: “Don’t say that kind of thing Kazuma-kun.”

Kazuma: “Nghh…..! I can’t, I can’t move my body!?”

Misato: “It’s, it’s the genuine paralysis powers of a ghost!”

Yoshimune: “If it’s a situation where i can’t move, I would want to be tied up by the ghost of a sexy older woman and while I can’t move she makes me stay where I am……!”

Band Girl Ghost: “Well, we are going to my house. You have to meet my parents face to face!”

Kazuma: “Shit………!”


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