Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 3


Asahi: “Hello everyone in Hell! We are Fairy April.”

Demons: “Roooaarrrrrr!!”

Misato: “……I’m glad that everyone is really getting pumped up for us! But it’s a little bit scary……”

Kazuma: “The problem is whether our song will be able to get through to the demons. Let’s bring out our fighting spirit!”

Yoshimune: “Kazumacchi, I hope your head doesn’t come off again if you bring out too much fighting spirit.”

Asahi: “We are sending out our magic of happiness to everyone in Hell! Fairy……”


Everyone: “GO!”

Demons: “Gahhhhhh”

Asahi: “Huh……!?”

Misato: “Th… They all disappeared……?”

Demon: “Grrr, growl”

Yoshimune: “There is still one left! Hey, Demon-san over there! What in the world happened……?”

Demon: “Eeeek, you’re getting too close”

Kazuma: “We are coming closer…… so we can try and help you!”


Demon: “What are you saying? It’s all your fault with your cursed sparkling cheer! All of my friends have been exorcised ”

Asahi: “Ex…Exorcised!?”

Demon: “Eeeek!! Stop, help me!!”

Yoshimune: “Ah, it ran away! Shouldn’t it be the other way round!? Shouldn’t we be the ones running away!?”

Misato: “Wh… What should we do……? Even though we just wanted to do the cheer that we always do…!”

Asashi: “Well…. Well then we will just have to do it without the “Fairy Go” cheer.”

Yoshimune: “Without saying anything let’s get this started!!”

Demon Band: “ROAARRRR”

Asahi: “Ahh, how we normally perform isn’t good enough”

Kazuma: “……!! …. I get it now, it’s something like that……”

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