Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 2


Asahi: “Huh, where is this? That’s strange, even though we were supposed to be practicing for the live at Eden…..”

Yoshimune: “Where exactly did that “Fairy Go” take us to?”

Misato: “Perhaps this is one of those candid camera television shows? Or maybe, I wonder if this is a dream……?”

Master: “Dreams are dreams but this is probably more like a nightmare. That should be obvious.”

Asahi: “Master!”

Kazuma: “Is this a part of the Halloween Live production? Don’t you think this going is a little overboard?”

Yoshimune: “Also, isn’t the power balance of your cosplay strange? Don’t you think that your clothes especially those horns are lame.”

Master: “Huh, its more that the way that you guys adorn yourselves isn’t good enough.”

Everyone: “What…….!!?”


Asahi: “This, this is …. A god of death cosplay?”

Misato: “Oh no! I’m a ghost!”

Yoshimune: “I’m…… What am I? I’ve got a tail and horns attached to me, but?”

Asahi: “You’re beef, right!!”

Yoshimune: “That’s meat, meat! But I think I get it, if it’s sort of like a cow then I’m a Minotaur?”

Kazuma: “What’s this………? It’s difficult to move.”

Yoshimune: “Oh, Kazumacchi aren’t you a knight! So cool! How is the armour?”

Kazuma: “Ah, I can move!”



Asahi, Yoshimune and Misato: “Arggghhhhhhhh!!”

Kazuma: “H… Hey! What’s going on?”

Asahi: “The head, the head, the head is talking! The severed head! The head! The face!”

Misato: “Ahhhh!! Be gone evil spirit be gone evil spirit!! Eloim Essaim I implore you!!” *

Kazuma: “Shit, what the hell is this!?”

Asahi: “Ahhhhh, it’s stuck back on! It’s back to how it was before!!”

Kazuma: “Of course it’s back!! It would be great if everyone just calmed down!!

Yoshimune: “A person’s head came off and you’re telling us to calm down, that’s just crazy!! Hey Master, what kind of joke is this!?”

Master: “It’s not a joke. You have become residents of Hell.”

Everyone: “Hell!?”

Demon King Master: “If you want to return to your original world, you must defeat the Demon King, me, at the Shining Live.”


Asahi: “Shining Live!?”

Demon King Master: “The Shining Live…… When artists and audience become one, that is when you can begin to be successful. A sparkling, shining life!”

Yoshimune: “He’s explaining the conditions very carefully for us to defeat him……”

Demon King Master: “What do you think of that? Fufufu, I’m telling you because it’s impossible for you to connect with the audience in Hell!  HA HA HA HA!”

Kazuma: “Shit, he just said what he wanted to say and then disappeared.”

Misato: “Hey, what will we do now……? ”

Yoshimune: “What will we do now? ……Well, I’m seriously considering throwing Kazumacchi’s head at the Demon King.”

Asahi: “Looks like we have no choice…… We are going to succeed at the Shining Live!”

* “Eloim Essaim I implore you” is a spell for keeping evil spirits away

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