Band Yarouze: Halloween Party GIGS Master’s Nightmare Event Fairy April Chapter 1


Asahi: “This song is great! Singing it is really fun!”

Kazuma: “Is this a situation where you should be having fun? We have a sudden performance request even though we have barely prepared.”

Yoshimune: “Kazumachi, you’re way too serious!! It’s a Halloween themed live, right? That sort of thing should be fun! Trick or Treat! Of course, I’ll have to refuse the candy that I receive, my kittens…… or something along the lines of that!”


Misato: “Huh! I want candy!”

Asahi: “Me too!”

Yoshimune: “Are you guys children!?  You have the meaning of Halloween all wrong!”

Kazuma: “Halloween is an event where you dress up and receive candy. You’re the one who has the meaning wrong.”

Yoshimune: “Huh?”

Kazuma: “Now stop saying stupid shit and practice”

Misato: “We are out of time and there are no excuses. We have to be able to do perfect performance!”

Asahi: “Well then, let’s do this! Fairy……”


Everyone: “Go!”


(After the live everything begins to shake)

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