Band Yarouze: Beat of Generation Event Story Translation Epilogue


Customer: “…… As expected of Master’s recommendations, weren’t all those bands great?”

Master: “Ah, well the future for those four bands is still being formed. There is still a completely nervous atmosphere about them. From now on, it depends on whether they can grow and how. But it’s probably my job to train those guys. Now then, how should we do this……?”

Miko: “Before that, won’t we go bankrupt?”

Master: “If you beg for extra special sushi every time we will go bankrupt……!”

Miko: “The extra special sushi is…… not negotiable!”

Master: “I’m telling you, I’m tired of operating this place at a loss. The stress is the reason why my hair is falling out and why my whole body is in pain…….”

Miko: “Master?”

Master: “I see…… It’s like that, huh.”

Miko: “Huh?”

Master: “Ahh, cough, cough,……. Recently I’ve also been having pain in my hips and getting the shivers.  As long as the shop continues as it is I’ll be happy. If I fall you will probably be worried, huh………”

Miko: “Master…… So that’s the origin of your baldness…….”

Master: “You’re not even worried about this place are you.”

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