Translation: Band Yarouze – Beat of New Generation Event Story Chapter 5


Master: “Blast, Osiris and Fairy April……. They have all keep the momentum going and they all full of unique guys. I wonder Miko, with popular bands coming out if more customers will come and, after this if you become more amiable we should be able to draw more people in……..Uh maybe not, you’re so troublesome.”

Miko: “Master, it looks like your hair is making a comeback, so troublesome.”

Master: “I’m going to kill my partner here, so for now please have a little break……..  Up until this point we’ve just been chatting so the next band is one of my favorites. Watch them well Miko, they also have extraordinary individuals.”


Mint: “Hey, Everyone! Have you been watching us properly!?”

Shelly: “Mint, stop jumping around your skirt is flipping up.”

Mint: “Ehehe… Even if that happens I will be hidden behind my drums and no one will see my cute self♪ You know, Shelly and Yukio, you really need more appeal and especially you Miley, your smiling face isn’t enough♪ ”

Yukio: “Fufu…… Everyone, thank you very much for your support. I can’t move very well in my kimono but…… If it’s Miley… this kind of fluttering dance can be done.”


Miley: “YU YU YUKIO!! Don’t pull up my skirt!

Shelly: “Yes yes, don’t fool around during the live. Everyone has also been waiting for this. Miley, can you do this?”

Miley: “ughh…. Don’t look at me too much! I’ll sing properly so just look at your feet!

Master: “… lively as usual….. those guys are so noisy…..”

Miko: “Guys……. you said?”

Master: “Cure²tron. Despite their cute-like appearance they hide within them an ambition that won’t lose to other bands. A beautiful voice carries well and a delicate and powerful musical performance……Thanks to their new vocals their image has become even more brilliant.

But they’re guys! I’ll say it again, they are guys. When I met them I also made that mistake but they’re guys! They look like girls but they’re guys! No matter how many times I say they are guys! Why, why do they have to be guys……..”


Miko: “Master, shut the hell up……..”

Master: “A boy-girl band, Cure²tron……..  A mysterious band that you can’t take your eyes off in a lot of ways.”

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