Band Yarouze:Beat of New Generation Event Story Chapter 4


Master: “Next is Fairy4prl. Until now in Eden there hasn’t been this type before. ”

Miko: “….Fairy4prl?”

Master: “Their official name is Fairy April. Preforming here is a band that comes from an unusual office and they have a manager. That manager is getting lots of gold from the turtles.* It’s quite awkward as I am but……..”

Miko:“……Two donburi.”**

Master: ” Hmph, which is a rip off and which is the bill for the donburi? It’s fine. Well, let’s begin”

Asahi: “Everybody, thank you for coming to see us today. Let’s make this night a fun one☆ Well then first….. first is……”

Fan: “Asahi, blow us a kiss”


Asahi: “Hmm? Blow a kiss? Okay! Make sure u catch it properly! …….☆!”

Kazuma: “…..Good grief, what are you even doing?”

Asahi:” It’s fine. They went out of their way to come so let’s give them some fun.”

Fan:“Yoshimune, wave for us!”

Yoshimune: “What a self-indulgent princess you are, wait a little longer for me…. that is the impression you give me. Hey,I’m giving out kisses as well so I’ll keep you pumped up until the end! ”

Asahi: “Well then today we have a questions from everyone corner! People can ask us what they want to know”

Kazuma: “Hey, this isn’t what we planned!”

Yoshimune: “This sort of thing is part of the mood so let’s put formalities aside!”

Asahi: “…….Huh? Is that the sheep mascot that we were waiting for? Well then, Masato, please explain to everyone”

Masato: “Ummm well, when we became Fairy April he also joined as a mascot. We are presently recruiting a name. For those that were chosen… our….. umm…. What were we giving….? ”

Yoshimune: “Love, it’s love. To gift you with our heavy feelings of love.”

Kazuma: “Knock it off already, when are we going preform the song.”

Asahi: “Oh yeah. Well, then let’s go preform our new song. Everyone chant it together! Tonight, everyone with a magic that blesses you with happiness…..Everyone together! One, two, Fairy…….”


Everyone: “……… Go!!”

Miko: “I don’t really get that kind of stuff”

Master:  “Certainly up until now they have been completely different, their technique and also their youthful feeling but….. With this segment, they are beginning to gather fixed fans due to the performance and the fan service that they are putting in. I’ll be keeping an eye on whether these guys have the possibility to improve. No, rather than that I’m hoping that these guys will improve. For the sake of broadening Eden’s customer base I’m really hoping for them. Well in any case I certainly won’t be taking my eyes of Fairy April”

*This section really confused me. If anyone has any idea please let me know

**Japanese rice bowl dish



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