Band Yarouze: Beat of New Generation Event Story Chapter 3


Master: “Next up is Osiris. The atmosphere has changed from a just a second ago. In cool, cold ambiance the audience also falls silent. Well…… to tell the truth, the member’s outward appearance is cool but I don’t think that’s the reason.”

Kyo: “………”
Ray: “Yo, everybody has been waiting, and at last we, Osiris, have arrived. You guys better pay attention to us. After all Osiris will become a major band in the near future!! “
Makoto: “Saying that sort of thing is great because we won’t even be playing soon.”
Ray: “Hey, don’t interrupt my story, okay! It’s important to get the place pumped up for a live during a MC.”
Makoto: “I don’t understand those sorts of things. In the end the performance is either going to be bad or good. And beside that, because your always talking about getting a major debut the audience will also get tired of hearing it and won’t get pumped up for the show.”
Ray: “I know but this is standard material for getting the audience pumped up, okay. Right, Kyo-chan don’t you think so too?”
Kyo: “……………”
Kyo: …………. Even though they were able to suddenly bring it up, it’s a problem. Well, some extend’s doing these standard things, gathering support is correct but……. Whether  it is always necessary to speak about it during a MC is also a problem…. But, as I am honestly I’m not really interested in the topic. On this stage I should….. I’m just going to sing
 Ray: “Haa, Kyo-chan is the same as ever, not joining in. …… How should I put this,  you don’t talk a lot and I don’t know what your thinking. It’s not like I really want to fight. However, Mako-chan does.”
Makoto: “Ray-san it’s because your boring conversations go on way too long.”
Shin : “Should I even bother telling you to stop. Enough of this or I’ll stab the bonito that I went and caught this morning.”
Ray: ” WHY!? Why would you even bring that!?”
Kyo: “Anyway, let’s go.”
Ray: “…Oh, yeah.”
Makoto: “….. Good grief”
Miko: “……They are disconnected”
Master: “Well, they all have their own circumstances and so the band has been fighting. It’s a hard to say feeling that they still haven’t fixed their problems….. But,  they have great ability and if they get their sound into proper order I think there major debut won’t just be a dream.”
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