Band Yarouze: Osiris Prologue Chapter 1 Translation

Prologue: Last Live of Dissonance


Chapter 1


Johnny Tachibana:”Haha, I can feel your passion up here! We have a full house! The voltage is at a climax! The producer has arrived! A new legend begins here! The curtain has opened on the summer’s top musical festival “Beginning · R””

Audience: “Ahhhhhhhh!!!!”


Ryo: “……..”

Ray: “Amazing! Everyone is getting pumped up. Thinking that they will be cheering for us after this is getting me excited. But hey, Kyou- chan you have the same sour look on your face as always. That’s no good, you have to be more pumped up! Isn’t this event our chance? If we win here we will still be able to have a major debut!”

Makoto: “…. You still haven’t learned your lesson yet? You have to be more realistic.”

Ray: “Having a major debut is my dream! Just because we hit a bump in the road that doesn’t mean we should give up!”

Makoto: “It may be your dream but I don’t really care either way. This band is just something for me to kill time.”

Shin: “You guys, that’s enough!  Why do you have to fight right before the live?”

Ray: “I can’t help it. Ryo is barely speaking as usual and Makoto is speaking with a cold attitude.”

Makoto: “I’ve already pointed out that fact.”

Ray: “Oh, a Japanese youth with no dreams. Isn’t this that so called enlightened generation that knows everything?”

Shin: “You do know that you’ve lived  since you were 3 years old and that you’re a Japanese youth.  Still, it would be great if you both could keep quiet. Could you at least do this live properly?”

Ryo: “…….”

While the venue gets warmed up

We, only Osiris, are cold.

Makoto and Shin and even Ray who was making a fuss in a loud voice.

We are cold inside our hearts.

It really can’t be helped.

Because since one month ago we have barely met face to face

One month ago… I was the cause of Osiris’ failure at a major debut

Since that day…….


Kyo: “I can’t sing this song…….”

Shin: “Kyo……?”

Ray: “What’s wrong, Kyou! Hey!”

Kyo: “…….?”

Ray: “It’s our turn, our turn! Really guys, do I have to beg? It’s for the sake of our major debut, so we have to win!”

Makoto: “Again, that is impossible. As long as the performance isn’t an embarrassment that is enough for me. In the first place this kind of event is probably a race we can do anyway. There is no point in getting desperate over it.”

Shin: “Hey, you guys, don’t just go and do as you please! At a time like this, we should form a circle together and let out some cheers or something like that..… Well, we are out of time so it can’t really be helped, huh.  I’m going too, Kyo.”

Kyo: “…………………”


Kyo: This ……… This will probably be our last live.



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