Popup Story Translation: Mini Story NO.7

Revere Plays Hide and Seek

Revere: Come over here! You better hurry!

Emilia: Hmm~? I thought I heard a voice over here?……. I wonder if anyone is here.

Revere: Phew, that was a close one. Wait! It’s not safe to go out yet. 

You’re asking why we are hiding? Well~ To tell you the truth everyone is playing hide and seek. The person who is found last will be treated to their favourite food at the cafeteria♪ It’s unecessary for Sensei to hide as well? Well it’s because, after all your way to honest, Sensei. It’s likely Emilia would have asked you about me. So, I took the opportunity to let you hide with me♪

I wonder if it’s safe now. 

It looks safe. Well then see you later Sensei. If I win, I’ll give you half a bite ♥


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