Last Period Translation: Story #5

Story 1: The First Morning

Caiman Baths

1.5 The First Morning (After) 

Haru is given his first mission as a Period. The one who will accompany him as a mentor was somewhat free and cheerful Onee-san.

Erika: “… and that is the Arc End group combat strategy. Here you will be assigned your mission. Campanella. Come out!”


Campanella:“Yes! And… Hmm? Ohhh. This kid is from the rumor, huh? You’re the tough guy who was blown away in the qualification exam over 38 times, right?”

Haru: “Argh, so that kind of thing has already become a rumor…. Well, it’s nice to meet you.”

Erika: “Hey now, don’t tease the rookie too much. Let’s give an introduction. This person here’s name is Campanella.”

Campanella: “I’m Campanella. Nice to meet you~♪”

Erika: “The details of are as follows”

Haru: My first mission as a period… What on earth kind of mission could it be….?

Erika: You’re going to the hot springs for me!

Haru: “…………….huh, the hot springs!?”


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