Oz Chrono Chronicle: Character Profiles



The main character of the story and a cheerful apprentice magic user.

A pure girl that doesn’t know how to doubt people and that personality therefore gets her caught up in trouble but she can overcome any difficult with the help of her friends.

To return to the world she came from, she heads towards the Emerald Castle and sets out on an adventurous journey.


Churu no shika

A girl who will inherit the title of Witch of the North.

Dorothy saves her from an assault from The Witch of the East and her crew and to release her family seal, together with Dorothy she aims for the source of “Wizard of Oz”.

Though often in conflict with Dorothy who she finds suspicious, her heart grows throughout the journey



A Clock rabbit girl who is a crybaby and a flustered person. She continues to run around the world of OZ searching for Alice. On the way she meets Dorothy.

Runs away really early and sometimes, suddenly, she will run away somewhere. On the other hand it has also become a problem for Dorothy and everyone else.



Kakashi is a gentlemen who is able to talk about many things with extensive knowledge and understands what people are saying. His body is made of straw and if the wind is strong he is light enough and with determination he flies. His presence is mysterious and therefore Churu is suspicious of him. But why are you able to say words? I don’t the answer myself.

For a long time he watched over Kanahata but for Dorothy and the people he met, he journeys with his compainions.



A powerful magic user whose age is unknown who lives together with Dorothy in a secret hermitage. He is Dorothy’s master and both strict and kind to her. He mysteriously conceals his identity.

He leaves Dorothy behind and frequently goes out but his true purpose is…….?



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