Last Period Translation: Story #4

Story 1: The First Morning 

Caiman Baths

1.4 The First Morning (Before) 

Haru was inadvertently late to his first day of duties. Erika decided to throw him into special training and to purport rudimentary knowledge of battle.

Haru: “Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha… I’m safe, just made it.”

Erika: “Nope, you’re out.”

Haru: “Ahhhh!”

Erika: “Why, you sure you have some guts for an apprentice and yet from the first day being late. I thought I told you. If you cannot survive this world, don’t bother.”

Haru: “I… I’m sorry…”

Erika: “By all rights, from now I was supposed to give an explanation of your duties but, I’ll give special training as a punishment for your lateness instead. While you’re at it, I’ll give you a lecture on Arc End’s group combat. Let’s go!!”

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