Last Period Translation: Story #3

Story 1: The First Morning 

Caiman Baths

1.3 I Have to Go!! 

With the mysterious girl Choco by his side Haru is woken from his sleep. His story as a Period apprentice begins from this point on.

Choco: “Haru… Haru… Wake up. Wake up……”

Haru: “Zzz… zzz… zzz…”

Choco: “Hmph….” ….smack

Haru: Arghhhh!!!!!

Choco: Haru, you woke up.

Haru: “No, I didn’t wake up and that’s probably dangerous! It’s really dangerous!”

Choco: “What?”

Haru: “Because smacking a sleeping person’s Adam’s apple means they are probably going to scream out and I almost stopped breathing….!!”

Choco: “Haru. The time.”

Haru: “Huh………? Oh no, I have to go!!!”

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