Last Period Translation: Story #2

Story 1: The First Morning 

Caiman Baths

1.2  I became a Period

He may be a Period apprentice but Haru safely finished the test and makes his way back with Choco who was waiting outside.


Haru: “Ha… Ha… Ha…”


Erika: “All right, that was troublesome. Immediately from tomorrow you will receive assignments as a Period apprentice. Oh yes and make sure you come to the Arc End’s 8th branch tomorrow morning at 8am sharp. Until then get some rest at the lodging house. Hand in your map and key. You can get there, right?”

Haru: “Yes, I think I’ll be okay.”


Erika: “Isn’t your companion outside waiting for you? Hurry on and report your results!”

Haru: “Thank you so much. Um… from tomorrow onward please take care of me.”


Old Capital of Hopeless City (Evening)


Choco: “…Slow”


Haru: “Sorry! But, I safely finished my test. I became a Period…… Apprentice….”

Choco: “…Haru.’

Haru: “What is it?”

Choco: “…Hungry”

Haru: “No, no, no. I passed the test! Haven’t you got anything else to say?”

Choco: I’m hungry!

Haru: “Ha………………….. That’s true, huh.”

Choco: What?

Haru: “If we go to the lodging house there will probably be food. Let’s go, Choco.”

Choco: “…..Yeah”

I hold Choco’s hand as we begin to walk down the street to the lodging house.

Choco is my childhood friend who left our home town together with me and…

As a Period I must take down my opponents.





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