Last Period Translation: Story #1

Story 1: The First Morning 

  1. Caiman Baths

1.1  An Apprentice. 

Haru is unable to take down the Spiral during his Period certification test and Erika compromises with Haru, proposing that he become a “Period apprentice”.


Erika: “Hey! Unless you’ve up and kicked the bucket send me a reply if your not coming. How long were you planning sleeping?”

Haru: ye… yes…


Erika: Good grief. This is unbelievable. A small fry like who was blown away over 38 times!

Why don’t you just give up? Becoming a Period is probably impossible for you.

Haru: P… Please. I still… I don’t want to give up.

Erika: I think it’s a waste of time.


Haru: I’ll become a Period and I must take down any opponent there is. If I can’t become one I will most likely regret it. So….!!

Erika: ….What are you saying “so” for!?

Haru: Please.. Let me try one more time. If I can’t become a Period I’ll…. I’ll…



Erika: ….. Ahh.. It’s unavoidable. I’ll present this before the next parliament.

Haru: Huh…?


Erika: I will help you with your test. However, I still won’t recognize a piece of junk like you as a Period, even if  we assume that you’ll be able to bring them down. You’ll be a Period apprentice and I’ll work you hard as an apprentice.

Haru: Thank you!!


Erika: I approve of your will power but I’m probably wrong. This world is not so easy that you could survive just through your resolution and willpower. If you desire the spiral, beware the despair that comes with the death of humans. That’s why you must become strong.

Haru: Yes!!

Erika: So, we will restart the test! Let’s go!!



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